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We offer a great many services to you keep you one the road, safe, and comfortable! Anything you need from running, to driveability, A/C, or sound! We even clean inside and out if you can't, and our detailer is just down the road!


Car just need an oil change and you want something better to run? Let us know, we only like to use the best! But if you need it cheap we can do that too! Could be your car isn't starting and you just installed a new battery, we can check and install a new starter if needed.


Battery dead or just not charging? Sometimes it's just a bad battery, but maybe the alternater is bad too! We can test them for you, because a bad alternater will kill a good battery and cost you twice as much!  Or maybe you have a door not locking, or window not moving, we can fix those too!



Maybe your engine is leaking and you're not sure where? We can find it and solve the problem! May need new gaskets and seals! Or maybe your car just isn't running, nothing is too big for us, we can pull it apart to diagnose and see if it's worth it for you in the long run!



Need a new clutch in your car or truck? No Problem! We have plenty of experience in all makes and models!



Don't wait to check or fix your brakes! We offer all kinds of brake service, whether you need brake pads and rotors, or maybe just machine the rotor, and even sometimes its calipers and pads. We stick to higher quality brands to insure your safety, and we will even install Drilled and Slotted Rotors if you prefer! Don't think we stop there, we will also replace shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, and brake line if needed.

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