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Worn Rotor

It is always best to keep up with complete maintenance of your vehicle. For most, every 5,000 miles is an Oil Change and Check Over, others may be less or more. But there a lot of things to keep in mind to keep a car running and here at Jessee's Auto Service we will tell you what is next and when!



It's always better to keep your car tuned and brakes working like new. Have you changed your plugs and wires or timing belt or chain and its been over 50,000 miles? Bring it on in for us to check on! It is always best to make sure your engine runs right and smooth, so don't wait to change the plugs till it's to late!

Don't let that noise keep going in your brakes, or maybe it has a bad pulse or vibration. They may be worn, don't let them fall apart on you! We have seen it and have pictures too!


Come on in and get your car serviced today! We specialize in good and high quality LOF (Lube, Oil, Filter) and Check Overs! We will let you know if something needs replaced now or later, like those easy to forget Air Filters and Cabin Air Filters! May need some Coolant, or Washer Fluid for summer or winter and better Wiper Blades to follow! We will also make sure the fluid in your transmission looks good, it may be time for a flush so your car can last you another few years!

Has it been a few years since you put on tires? You may need new ones, lots of sitting or lots of driving can still wear and tear them! No need to pop from dry rot or slide into a pole from the rain or snow. Any brand you like, we will compare, price, and give you all the specs so you have the best tire for your needs!
The best way to know if you need suspension is through your wheels and tires! Tires wearing on one side more than the other? Not driving and riding as smooth as you used to? May need sway bar bushings, links, ball joints, or a whole control arm! But you won't know till we look!
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