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Estimates and Guidelines

Lube, Oil, Filter (LOF)

Our standard maintenance procedure is Premium Semi-Synthetic Wolfshead oil and Premium Wix filter, alongside checking your vehicles tire pressure and tread, fluids and topping them off, and visually inspecting everything underneath (brakes, suspension, steering, exhaust).

All of that starting around $35+/- depending on how many quarts of oil your vehicle holds.

Brake Job

Now here is where pricing gets tricky! Brakes come in all shapes, sizes, qualities, and quantities. Pads, Shoes, Rotors, Drums, Calipers, etc.. Front, Rear, or both. I'll give you two ideas, Pads with new Rotors, and Pads with machining Rotors. To machine(if able) the old rotors and replace the pads has more labor but still cheaper because less money on parts. New pads and rotors are a little less labor but more money in parts. Then add quality of parts. Better to call or stop in for a proper estimate! Labor starts at $95/hr. then add parts, supplies, and tax.

New Tires + Mount&Balance

Also tricky seeing as tires come in all shapes, sizes, and qualities. Most tires are $120+/- each, but range from $50+/- to $200+/-, we check multiple warehouses to get you the best deal. Now to Mount & Balance we have set prices for standard, low profile, and LT 10ply truck tires. Standard for 4 tires is $24 each. Low Profile as they take more care and time are $30 each. 10ply are tough and take time and effort so they run $35 each. I say the prices are set but everything has wiggle room and is more of an estimate till the job is seen and done. Call or stop in for better details please.

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