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Tires, what do you know about them?

Tire tread depth.

          Hello all, today I am asking a very important question, tires, and what you know about them! The many differences tires have are compounds, tread patterns, sizes, age, and toughness. Now everyone eventually has to buy tires to be able to drive, whether its from age of sitting or wear from driving, you need to know the right style to buy and maintain. The most important time to buy tires is of course when your tread is worn down close to or below the sensor markers, and if your tires are 6+ years old and showing age with lots of cracks. But here is a small piece of information I'm sure you don't know, just because your tire has a nail or metal or anything in the tread does not mean you need a new tire! Now with that said, you do need to be careful where you go and placement of obstruction embedded into your tire, so say the tire has a nail in the sidewall where there is no tread just the lettering, then unfortunately you would need a tire. But as long as it is in the tread anywhere there are steal belts that hold the rubber compounds all together, it can be plugged thus saving your tire. I carry a well trusted brand and I personally guarantee that the plug will last the life of the tire plus it is perfectly safe and legal to do so. Other places I cannot speak for, especially tire store that tell you it is illegal and they will not plug a tire, but that is their tactic to scare and trick you into buying a new tire, they make more money the more time and parts they use. We aim to take care of you, you are a guest in our home, not a customer in our workplace.

          Alright, now the fun part of buying tires! What we do is gather the information of your vehicle and the type of driving you do so we can better supply you with the correct tire choices, consisting of good affordable, preferable, and best. We want you safe while driving so we stick to All-Season tires so you have better traction in the rain, snow, and ice; these things are important here in the Ohio Valley considering we never know what the whether brings. Tread depth starts at 10-12/32's of an inch, but once it gets to 5/32's, it's best to start looking for tires for the following autumn, and once you hit 2/32's you are below the legal limit. Sounds like there isn't much room for wear, but that is where the quality and know how comes into play. So tires span from fair, good, better, to best, with mileage life from 30k to 80k. You do not have to by the best for better life span! We can find you a good affordable tire with a 60k life more often than not depending on your budget, and if you are like us, we'd rather get a good tire for a fair price that will last not only mileage wise but also can last a few years without you having to worry about dry rot and cracking causing leaks and tires to blow or be more susceptible to the weather changes. We have found that some of the better tires are actually the mid range and not the super expensive well known, and definitely not the best to go for unknown cheap brands.

          So with all that said I hope I helped give you a better idea on your tire's life to save you money and time in the long run. I will definitely make another blog with more about tires soon since the season of ice and snow is around the corner! If you have any questions feel free to call, stop by, or you can even send a message via Facebook or email! Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone!

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